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Post by ThePerfectPour » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:55 pm

Good Day to all:
I have been brewing both beer and wine for more than 20 years now. The past few years I have been brewing and bottling "Best Case" beers and have just acquired a Kegorator which will now add a new dimension into sampling the "fruits" of my labor. This is a new adventure for me and do not know a lot about this set-up and would appreciate any and all advice on how to best set up the Kegorator.
Thank you in advance for your advice which will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hello

Post by elreplica » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:27 pm


Are you going to be using the aforementioned kegerator with commercial Sanke keys and Cornelius (ball, pinlock) kegs? If so, you might want to hybridize your Sanke to run both styles of keg. Dave at Everwood Brewing (Sackville) can help you with any parts. Robert at the Grain Barrel (Lunenburg) will be a helpful resource as his inventory is growing daily and likely can get you anything you need. He does gas exchanges for fills as well. Noble Grape is a great resource too. I like the Corny/ Sanke setup because of the easability of cleaning my lines and tap...I made a cheap pump which allows me to blast PBW and Diversol through it without gas or disconnecting anything. I could share pics and howtos, wheretos, when you get to that decision. I'll presume you'll be using corney kegs though...I use a homemade PBW mix of oxiclean/TSP (70:30) to clean my fermenters and kegs - stainless but works with plastic as well. Check your kegs to make sure they will hold pressure, clean them well, lubricate the posts and connectors, replace lines if old and dirty, fill, carbonate (more about that later) serve, and enjoy! I hate bottling now!
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