Cutting shanks

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Cutting shanks

Post by ackes » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:44 pm

Recently got a set of 4 taps off Kijiji, 3 are old style perlicks (couldn't even find them online). 3 of the faucets are flared at the base - which makes finding replacement / new shanks difficult.
I'm looking to make something like this for the bar downstairs: ... beer-tower#" onclick=";return false;
However, I plan to use PVC in stead of Steel pipe (for cost and drilling / cutting reasons). Plan on spray painting it that chromy color. We'll see how that goes.
Made some wooden tap handles and have a co-worker who does leathering and this is the plan for the handles: ... h_type=all#" onclick=";return false;
But back to the taps / shank ........ I will need to cut 2 of the shanks to fit within the 3 or 4" PVC (whichever I decide to go with). Noticed this online:" onclick=";return false;
Has anyone done this before? I've only got a hacksaw and I'm NOT looking forward to trying that. 1: hard to make a straight cut - even with the tips above using the 2 locknuts, and 2: those bastards are thick and would probably take me forever. Looked on CT website for metal blades for my jigsaw or reciprocating saw - but looks like they only cut 1/8" to 1/4" pieces of SS.
Anybody got better ideas?
I know I could buy shorter shanks - just don't wanna shell out the $$$ + shortest Dave has are 3 1/8" and those still might be cutting it close.
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