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New member E-Herms Build

Post by tony72cutlass's' » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:59 am

Hi All,

I've been observing the forum for awhile and thought I might finally post something since I have a myriad of questions about electric brewing setups.

I've been brewing all grain for about 10 years now using an old aluminum pot on my stove, 10 gallon cooler box and standard fermenting buckets.

I'd like to graduate to a 3 tier e-herms setup and be able to brew at least two Pepsi kegs worth of beer at a time. From my research it seems 20 gallon kettles will do the trick? Attached is a diagram of what I am thinking (please excuse the weird symbols I'm very new to all this).
Where did yo guys go to get info about building your control panels? I've wired up lots of guitar pedals before but nothing that would power a heater and requires GFCI protection.. Maybe there's a build thread out there that really explains things well?

Well I suppose that is enough for a 'hello world' thread, cheers all!

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Re: New member E-Herms Build

Post by RubberToe » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:07 am

Hi Tony, it's great to see another system build.

20 gallon kettles are the best choice for 10 gallon batches IMO.

Have you read ? That outlines everything for a 3 vessel electric build.

I'm working on version 3 or so of my system. Initially it was a 1 vessel electric BIAB. My panel design is partly based on and PJ diagrams from Homebrewtalk.

I want to brew larger batches and have other features so I'm switching to two vessels, MT and BK. The BK will also be the HLT during mash. I'm running one pump with a manifold to control where the flow goes. I'll post more pics in my thread soon (see my sig), today I might be able to do a water test.

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