Wyeast and White Labs are Restocked - Lots of New Strains

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Wyeast and White Labs are Restocked - Lots of New Strains

Post by EverwoodAveBrewShop » Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:47 pm

All yeast has been restocked and I've got a lot of it. I also got a lot of new strains listed below. If you come visit and are looking for discounted yeast I now have a discount bin for yeast that are getting close, or just past the best before date. In store only! Right now there are about 20 strains in there.

Here are the new strains (yes they are on the website)

French Saison Ale Yeast (WLP590)
Sweet Mead / Wine Yeast (WLP720)
Pediococcus Damnosus (WLP661)
Malolactic Bacteria I (WLP675)
Lactobacillus delbrueckii I (WLP677)
Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (WLP050)
American Whiskey Yeast (WLP065)
Champagne Yeast (WLP715)
London Ale III Yeast (1318)
Denny's Favorite 50 Ale Yeast (1450)
Scottish Ale Yeast (1728)
English Special Bitter Yeast (1768PC)
Pilsner Urquell H-Strain Yeast (2001)
Bavarian Wheat Yeast (3056)
Sweet Mead Yeast (4184)
Cider Yeast (4766)

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