Fresh Pressed Cider Kits Developed by Bulwark!

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Fresh Pressed Cider Kits Developed by Bulwark!

Post by NobleGrape » Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:15 am

We are once again, partnering with Bulwark Cider to bring in pails of fresh pressed, Nova Scotia apple juice for you to make sparkling hard apple cider! This special blend from Bulwark has been designed by their cider maker to produce a balanced and delicious traditional sparkling cider.

Includes: bucket, juice, yeast, yeast nutrient, priming sugar, and recommended instructions.

Kits are $79.99 each and require a $10 deposit is required to pre-order. You can pay the deposit online here ... -pre-order, or call or stop by your local Noble Grape.

Pre-order deadline: Monday, November 4, 2019

Cider should be ready for pick up at the Noble Grape store of your choice on November 19 and 20. We will call you as soon as they arrive.

PLUS - The 3rd anual Harvest Cider Challenge

Everyone who orders a Bulwark Fresh Pressed Cider Kit will have the opportunity to enter our Harvest Challenge cider competition!

Add anything you want to your cider! Use a different yeast or add additional ingredients—the sky is the limit.

There will be great prizes from Noble Grape and Bulwark, and live judging of the finalists at a fun awards party.

Full details will be included with your kit when you pick it up. There is no entry fee. Good luck!

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