Escarpment Anyone

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Escarpment Anyone

Post by hebertovich » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:36 pm

Hi everyone

Any one up for some Escarpment yeast ?

This is what's available this week

Ardennes Belgian Ale
Kolsch Ale
Isar Lager
Old World Saison Blend
New World Saison Blend
Cali Ale
Weizen I
Weizen II
Bock Lager
Vermont Ale
Classic Witbier
Voss Kveik
Hornindal Kveik
Lactobacillus Blend
Foggy London Ale

If you would like yeast for next week or for upcoming brews please respond back to this email with what you would like before Friday noon. I will post on my websites blog the results Friday,
We still have significant ... yeast-bay/ in stock. Also I posted a poll (FB) on a new yeast from Quebec (Le Labo) with a huge cell count anyone interested in them please let me know and I'll order what you want.

Thanks again for all your patronage and we really appreciate your business

Kathy & Mike
Nb Craft Brewers' Market
NB Craft Brewers' Market /Owner

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