Omega Yeast order?

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Omega Yeast order?

Post by EastCoastHoppers » Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:39 pm

I am getting the odd request for some of Omega's yeasts so I would like to get an idea how much interest there is for their products.

Liquid yeasts have definitely been the hardest products to gauge from a HBS stand point. There is a ton of different strains, it has a relatively short shelf life and is expensive to bring in (USD to CAD conversion, high shipping costs and brokerage fees to get it past customs) making it, by far, the least profitable item that we carry. In all honesty, in most cases we are lucky to break even on it due to pitches that go past their best before dates which is why I'd like to gauge the interest on an order.

I have access to most of their strains (provided they have them in stock) and you can check them out here:

If you think you would be interested in any of these particular strains please post here or send me a PM to let me know. If there is not enough interest, I'll hold off putting an order in.


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