Mangrove Jack Berliner Style Sour

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Mangrove Jack Berliner Style Sour

Post by bearhines » Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:11 pm

Hey, just closing in on a week of primary fermentation of my first batch of Mangrove Jack Berliner Style. I've got 23L in my primary and was thinking about racking it to a few secondaries to try some different things (dry hop, adding fruit (cherry and raspberries came to mind) but wanted to know if anyone else had experimented with this stuff, and how it turned out.

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Re: Mangrove Jack Berliner Style Sour

Post by oceanic_brew » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:24 pm

Hey! Do you mean it’s your first batch ever or just the first batch with mangrove jack?

If it’s your first batch I would recommend keeping it as simple as possible since the best way to learn how to make better beer and enjoy yourself more seems to be to learn from a solid repetition of procedure and from mistakes. Mistakes seem to win out.

Unnecessary transfers and adding multiple fruit/dry hop after primary seems to be a great way to make mistakes and learn but unfortunately you won’t know what went wrong.

A good clean fermentation with healthy and plentiful yeast and a solid recipe and brewing procedures can have you transferred off the yeast cake in a week but there’s many batches where keeping it on the yeast and letting it do its thing for at least three weeks turns a good beer into a great beer.

I’m still lost at times after 200+ batches...... and broke.

Good luck

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