Decembeer 31 Dec 18 - Twisted Thistle 80/- Scottish Export

Need help with a recipe? Have leftover ingredients and don't know what to do with them? Post in here! Any of your "tried & true" recipes can go in the recipe database forum.
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Decembeer 31 Dec 18 - Twisted Thistle 80/- Scottish Export

Post by Ruby » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:48 pm

Here's the recipe for the last beer of the year in the Decembeer 2018 Beer Exchange

Twisted Thistle 80/- Scottish Export
BJCP Style Guide 14C

Batch Size 23L
Boil Time 60 Min
Equipment Robobrew Ver.III
OG 1.050
Est. FG 1.010
Est. ABV 5.2%


4250g (82.1%) Maris Otter
250g (4.8%) Medium Crystal (65 SRM)
250g (4.8%) Wheat Malt
150g (2.9%) Dark Crystal (120 SRM)
125g (2.4%) Special B Malt (180 SRM)
75g (1.4%) Brown Malt (65 SRM)
75g (1.4%) Carafa II (412 SRM)

Mash in with 20L Water for medium body temp 66.7C for 75 minutes
Recirc gently throughout mash
Raise to 75.6C over 10 minutes and hold for 10 minutes.
Sparge with 12L Water at the faucet's hottest temp
Collect 27.5L Wort

Bring to boil and add

35g Fuggle (5.0% AA) boil for 60 Min
6g Irish Moss (or 1 Whirlfloc) for 10 Min
25g Fuggle (5.0% AA) boil for 5 Min

Flameout and drop to pitching temps. Oxygenate wort and add 1 pk Llalemand Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast. Ferment @ 18-20C for 10 days.

Age until ready to bottle and add dextrose to aim for 2.0 volumes of CO2.

I'm hoping for a clean, malty profile with hops to balance out most of the sweetness. Very little yeast character and a superbly drinkable beer for Hogmanay. Follow up with an Aberlour Abunadh for the bells.

Give a man a beer, and he'll waste an hour. Teach a man to brew, and he'll waste a lifetime.

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