Decembeer 2 - Saison du Parc

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Decembeer 2 - Saison du Parc

Post by GCR » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:52 pm

We had put together a really nice saison with the SafAle BE-134 we got from the Boxing Rock Black Box challenge competition earlier this year, and we decided to try to make (almost) the same recipe using the Belle Saison yeast, which we hadn't tried. The only real big change between the two was in the hop selection... we had used Cluster and Tettnager in the original. The end result was of course completely different. Was surprised to see the super low FG. The differences in yeast strains still blow me away (and I mean, literally - had to use a blow off tube for this one).

System: Grainfather

4744 g pilsner malt
354 g wheat malt
333 g Vienna
256 g Caramunich Type II
184 g Briess Aromatic

19.35 l mash water
12 l sparge water

Mash at 152 degrees for 60 minutes
Mash out at 167 for 10 minutes

60 min boil with:

1 oz EKG @ 60 mins
20 g Centennial @ 5 mins

1 pack of Lallemand Belle Saison Yeast

ferm temp about 21-22 Celcius

1.051 OG
approx. 1.000 FG

approx. ABV 6.6%

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Re: Decembeer 2 - Saison du Parc

Post by wcturnedec » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:26 am

Sounds great! That Belle Saison is a beast!
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