2018 Advent - December 16 - Maritime Gose

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2018 Advent - December 16 - Maritime Gose

Post by John G » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:29 pm

I made a batch of this earlier in the summer using PC Sicilian sea salt and it turned out well. The uncarbed beer tasted like it had electrolytes - like a sports drink but drier. When carbonated this becomes more subtle. The acid addition is light, and with the current batch it's not very noticeable. I may bump it up a few % points when I brew it again. I wanted to use natural seawater to see if it was any different than the dried sea salt batch. The difference is there, but it's subtle. I hope all who can grab a bottle enjoy it! :cheers2:

Maritime Gose
All Grain
Batch Size: 42 L
OG 1.040 FG: 1.010
3.9% ABV

3.79 kg Wheat Malt (46.5%)
2.46 kg German Pilsner 2-row (30.2%)
1.5 kg Acidulated malt (18.6%)
380 g Rice Hulls (4.7%)
29 g Saaz (3.75%) - 60 min
60 g Coriander Seeds (toasted and ground) - boil 10 mins
1.7 L filtered Atlantic ocean seawater - boil 10 mins
2 pkgs US-05

Mash 1 hr at 65C without acidulated malt.
Add acidulated malt to the mash after 1h and continue mash for 40min longer
Total boil time 90 min

Ferment at 18C
Kegged and carbed to 2.3 vols

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