HERMS Coil Temp Measurement

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HERMS Coil Temp Measurement

Post by RossBee » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:25 pm

So, brewed last week, hopefully this will be the last time using propane, went through 6 20 pounders for the week. Have all the electrical stuff sorted out for my 30 and 40 gallon brew kettles and my 80 gallon HLT, along with the 50 gallon Mash Tun.

This is your typical HERMS deal, circulation from Mash Tun through a coil in the HLT. Obviously, the HLT has a heating element controlled by a temperature probe.

Question: Where is the temperature probe for the Mash Tun recirculation placed?

A: Outlet of the Mash Tun
B: Outlet of the HLT
C: Inlet of the Mash Tun
D: Inlet of the HLT

I know where I'd like to stick it, just need some confirmation (that sounded a bit dirty, didn't it).

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Re: HERMS Coil Temp Measurement

Post by D.Pepper » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:59 am

Stick it right in your A. Haha, but for reals-

In a regular HERMS scenario, the temperature probe for the mash tun is placed on the outlet of the Mash tun, the idea is that all the wort is being recirculated fairly frequently to get an average temp that you can compare with your HLT temperature.

That being said, in my setup I also have temperature gauge on the inlet of my mash tun (20 gallon) to watch out if I'm heating the wort too hot too fast, and another in the middle of the tun to get the grain temp in the middle. It's interesting to see the mash heat up from the top down and provided me with piece of mind when I was learning the new system.

Since yours is quite a large tun, I'd recommend the same setup. Cheers.

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Re: HERMS Coil Temp Measurement

Post by sgrhyno » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:27 am

I’m in the process of planning and acquiring parts for a similar setup. My plan is to put it on the mash tun outlet. I think if it’s on the hlt, if you aren’t using a cooler the temperature loss may be too big.

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