2019 Big Strange Brew New Brunswick

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2019 Big Strange Brew New Brunswick

Post by LeafMan66_67 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:32 pm

2019 Big Strange Brew Sign up is open!


2019 Big Strange Brew New Brunswick Sign Up Is at the following links:
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220314931644277/
Sign up Sheet: https://bit.ly/2Un9I3L

Event date is June 14-16th ,2019

What is BSBNB? The Big Strange Brew New Brunswick is a celebration of all-grain brewing and associated activities including grilling, bread making, smoking food, pickling, coffee roasting, and other great enjoyments of life. We get together several times a year across the country in small private events, and the mid-June New Brunswick event attracts people from all over the place for a fine and memorable celebration. We brew beer, drink beer, talk about beer and brewing, eat very good food, and sit around a bonfire, telling lies, ranting, and generally behaving like big clumsy social idiots, much like puppies except without as much coordination or focus.

We also endeavor to be a family-friendly and family-inclusive event, and our current site, Camp Pascobac, has plenty of activities to interest non-brewers as well. Please bring your family and friends, particularly those interested in taking up homebrewing!

Come and learn how to brew beer. "Give a man a beer, and he wastes an hour. Teach a man to brew, and he wastes a lifetime", is the motto of the Members of Barleyment (http://barleyment.wort.ca), the brewclub which gave rise to the original Big Strange Brew in Ottawa. Our New Brunswick offshoot has taken on a life of its own over the years while still preserving this credo. We love to teach people how to create delicious potables and cheerfully welcome any aspiring brewers who are interested in learning the craft. There is a wealth of knowledge at this event that can show you how to acquire a set-up, purchase the ingredients, and join an incredible friendly community of hobbyists and casual brewers.

Registration fees and signing up:

$75 fee per attending adult over 18 IF PAID ON OR BEFORE SUNDAY MAY 19, 2019.
Immediate payment is greatly appreciated as it allows us to cover start-up costs such as Pascobac camp rental deposit.
$100 per attending adult if payment is not sent by this date.
(Kids attend free!)

To pay or if you have any questions, please email Money transfer (Interac please, NO Paypal) to Wayne Love waynelovesbeer@gmail.com.

If you’re sure you’re going to be there, paying in advance is muchly appreciated.

What does the admission fee cover?
Accommodations/camping space (either room to set up your own tent/trailer or the community bunkhouses) and access to the facility on Friday and Saturday night.

Many people, particularly those with family members, bring tents and trailers to set up in the big field for a little more privacy, but there are on-site community cabins with a number of very open bunks if you don’t mind a little possibly-snoring company.

Most meals. Coffee and meals are provided on Saturday and Sunday, including breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and early brunchfast on Sunday.

Those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities (vegetarian, no red meat, allergies, etc.) please advise on the sign-up sheet.

Bonfires - The Friday and Saturday evening beach bonfires are always a pleasant pastime, sometimes with music too!
Fireworks - we have an annual display on Saturday night as a part of the family-themed events.

Cooking and walk-in fridge facilities - Charcoal barbecues and massive propane stoves for cooking

Free home brewing demonstration on Saturday from any of our participants that will be brewing this year.

Contest entry: Participation, if desired, in the home brew contest. This was a big hit last year, with some truly exceptional beers entered.

Other camp facilities: Showers, horseshoe pits, a big field to toss a ball or each other around in, trails for those who want a workout (wear long pants, there’s some skin-affecting plants in the area), beach walks... there’s loads to do.

What does the admission fee not cover?
Friday night supper. That’s bring-yer-own. We’ll provide a hot bbq for people to use, and the camp comes with a massive propane stove and oven for cooking.

Although not a “pot luck” meal, folks wouldn’t be averse if you were to bring a little extra for sharing, snacking and sampling.

Anything you'd care to bring for shareable snacks, especially if it’s home-made or out-of-the-ordinary. StrangeBrew celebrates good food as much as good beer!

Beverages. **This is a BYO(home-or-craft)B event.** with a focus on tasting and enjoying many different microbrews or homemade beverages.

Site clean-up throughout the weekend, including garbage disposal, dishes, mopping, and bathrooms.
We pay a damage deposit, and are required to leave the site as clean as it was when we arrived. Everyone’s help in cleaning up is greatly appreciated as that assures the annual event can continue to use this great facility.

Where is this event?
BSBNB’s location is at Camp Pascobac on the beautiful Belleisle Bay near Kars, NB. There is a large lodge with a fireplace, a beach, walking trails, softball/frisbee field, pebble-lined volleyball court, and horseshoes, and great water access for kayakers, fishers and swimmers (although brr-r-r-r). For more about the camp, see http://camppascobac.ca

How do I get there?
If you are looking for a ride and are willing to split costs, or have room in your vehicle, point it out in your registration below and perhaps another hopeful attendee would be interested in traveling with you.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/zi3g9iYk8392 - zoom out and you’ll see the entrance road at the northeast.

From Fredericton and points West: Take the Trans Canada East towards Moncton, once past Oromocto exit to take the 102 towards Gagetown, drive past Gagetown keeping on the 102 towards Grand Bay - Westfield. Just past Hampstead you will hit Evandale, where there will be a sign for the cable ferry, and for HWY 124 - Norton. Turn left and board the ferry, which is free. When you get off the ferry at Kars it is almost exactly 9 km down HWY 124 to Camp Pascobac. Turn RIGHT when you see the sign, drive - slowly please - past the cottages (about 800m) and you are there. It is a picturesque drive so have your camera ready.

From Moncton and points East - take the Trans Canada West towards Sussex. Take exit 175 for HWY-124/HWY-865 toward Norton. Turn right on HWY 124 and keep going - Camp Pascobac is 1 km past the Belleisle Bay Ferry, turn LEFT when you see the Camp Pascobac sign, the camp is about 800m down Pascobac Lane.

From Saint John - take the Trans Canada to Sussex, exit at Hampton, head down Main Street, cross the Green Bridge. Head towards Kingston. There will be a sign for Kiersteadville and for the Belleisle Bay Ferry - follow this, take the ferry, once off the ferry turn LEFT and follow Rte 124 to Evandale. 1 km past the ferry is the sign for Camp Pascobac, turn left, the camp is about 800m down Pascobac lane.

The camp has a number of bunkhouses (bring your own bedding and pads) in addition to the main lodge building. If asked for, one or two cabins, depending on attendance and demand, will be set aside for families so children can be put to bed at a reasonable time (please request in the sign-up if you have small children and would request a reservation). If staying in a cabin, you will be responsible for tidying it up and sweeping the floor at the end of the weekend. There is also ample room for tenting or trailering, with over three acres of grassy level field to set up in.
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