Regulators, Manifold, 20lb CO2 for sale

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Regulators, Manifold, 20lb CO2 for sale

Post by Jason » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:03 pm

Have't been active in this group in years, but have just been going through my cold storage stockpile after getting excited about setting up a mini fridge for seltzer and session beers.

Thought I'd clean up some items that have sat unused for too long.

First up, two regulators. Can't vouch for their status, good deal for someone who knows what they're doing. Both have banged up high pressure gauges, may be good as new after replacing ($15 noble grape, $10 aliexpress), but I'm losing patience for DIY repair. When I open them up they appear to be in good condition. Will sell each for $20, or both for $30.

Also have a three way manifold, $30.

Also have a single gauge KegCo regulator. Pristine condition, purchased more recently after losing patience with the other two. $60

May be willing to part ways with my steel 20 lb CO2 tank also if anyone is interested. Presently empty. $150.

Located Central Halifax
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