December 2019 Exchange - Dec 15 - APA 'annual rush job'

Need help with a recipe? Have leftover ingredients and don't know what to do with them? Post in here! Any of your "tried & true" recipes can go in the recipe database forum.
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December 2019 Exchange - Dec 15 - APA 'annual rush job'

Post by Halifax_Jeff » Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:57 pm

December 15th - American Pale Ale - 'Annual Rush Job'

OG 1.050
FG 1.012

Mashed @153F for about 3hrs (BIAB, dropped about 6 degrees over before I pulled the bag)
~5% ABV
90% Marris Otter
7% Crystal 40
3% Wheat
60mins 0.6oz Columbus
5mins 1oz each of Falconers Flight, Amarillo, Citra
0mins 1oz Falconers Flight, 1oz Amarillo, 2oz Citra
Dry Hop (3 days) 2 oz Citra, 1oz Amarillo
Yeast US05

Fermented at 20c, then after a few days bumped it to 22c to finish up. Dry hopped for a few days before I cold crashed and kegged.

Force carbed and bottled.

I've since had a sample bottle and I'll crack one the day before and keep my thoughts silent until others chime in. Any and all feedback welcomed! This is my first brew since last years exchange. Had to dust off the gear.

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